The Fear of the Warrior

Fear guides a man’s intentions

Whatever a man fears is that which he believes he can never live without or must live without

Though his countrymen are inclined to fear many little things, a warrior only fears one thing.

A warrior’s single yet extensive fear is the simply ruination of his celestial kingdom, and thusly, the downfall of himself.

Certainly, while many of his countrymen are fighters in that they will fight only to ensure that their many fears are both uplifted and rebuked,

only the warrior both fears and fights for the one thing meaningful.

Yet if he should grow weary in his fear of only one thing and his in everlasting battle for righteousness, a noble warrior need only remember this.

If he does not protect his countrymen, they will be left defenseless.

And if he does not fight for his exalted kingdom, it will fall to his scornful enemies.

Yet even more-so, in his unending crusade of his devotion to one thing and in his unwavering honor towards the sanctity of his eternal kingdom,

his will be the greatest of all honors.

For as his king sees him in his each of his comings and goings to battle,

he will be pleased.

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