Understanding Can Solve All Your Problems, Here’s Why.

Now I now what you’re thinking, “sure, understanding is pretty cool and everything but using it to solve ALL my problems, come on, no way, not possible”.

My response: “read this, then get back to me on that”.

I get it, understanding takes a back seat in most of our day-to-day lives.

We typically use it when we’re in a good mood or want to be nice to people but we often don’t whenever life gets hard and we become anxious and frustrated as a result.

What I’m going to prove to you is that when we use understanding in the moments when we really don’t feel like it, we can start to see some pretty cool things happen.

When we use understanding in the tough moments in life, we see all of our problems start to disappear.

I bet I’m beginning to make a bit more sense now right?

Well, I’m just getting started.


First off, in order to start getting rid of all our problems in life, we must first determine where the problems in our lives actually come from because if we can find and cut off the source of all our life’s problems, they won’t be able to bother us anymore and therefore, they won’t be considered problems anymore.

Right now your probably thinking, “no way, you can’t find the source of my problems because my problems come from the spontaneous and random bad moments in life that I both can’t prevent from happening and can’t really do anything to stop once they start”.

To that my response is: “Oooh really? :^ ) “.

Check this out.

All of your life’s problems don’t come from your many unavoidable bad or undesirable moments in life, rather, they come from your response to them.

After all, if something bad happened to you in your life yet in your response to it you were comfortable and unbothered, you wouldn’t consider your state of comfort to be a “problem” in your life, now would you?

Say I got bit by a snake, yet there was no venom, no pain, and my odds of survivability were certain, then being bit by a snake wouldn’t be considered a “problem” for me because my response to it would have no reason to be a bad one, does that make sense?

(Don’t attempt that please, I’m just making a point).

Therefore we can be certain that all of our problems in life don’t come from a series of random and unfortunate events but rather from our poor response to them.


By now you must be thinking: “ok, that makes sense, but what does this have to do with understanding?”

My response: “It has everything to do with understanding because the way that we respond to things in the same way that we understand things”.

Let’s think about what it means to respond to something.

We can say things as a result of things we hear, we can do things in reaction to things we see, but before we can do either of those things, we must first think about the things we want to respond to so we can determine if we like them or dislike them so that we may be able to decide what response we want/need to make.

In other words, before we do or say something in response to what we see or hear, what must first both think about what we want to do and think what we want to say.

That sounds reasonable yes?

Well here’s where understanding comes into play, understanding helps us think better so that we can respond better.

Your thinking: “What do you mean by ‘think better’?”.

My response: “Let’s go to the Bible”.

Proverbs 14:29 reads,

“Whoever is patient has great understanding,
but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, understanding betters our thinking by giving us a mindset of patience.

If we have patience, we gain the ability to find hope in even the bleakest situations so that they can never bother us and that, therefore, we are able to find comfort in the midst of life’s many problems so that we conclusively don’t even consider them to be problems anymore.

Now, most people would drop the mic and walk out after making a point like that but since I’m cool (or at least I hope am), I will explain how specifically understanding gives us patience.


As I have said before, understanding comes with the simple act of asking ourselves “why?”.

But to go even further, when we ask ourselves that simple question in the midst of our most troublesome life problems, we are usually inclined to say that such reasons can come from one place and one place only, from God himself.

Therefore, when things get really tough, we often grow frustrated and continuously ask God why he would allow something as tragic as a close family member to pass away or allow some of our most cherished relationships to end in bitter words and lifelong regrets.

And even though we may turn to the Bible or close friends to find some sort of comfort in the midst of our hardships, there’s no denying that when we feel we are suffering because to the will of God, our relationship with him takes a beating.

But here’s the reason why God allows us to suffer and go through bad times in life,

He loves us so much that he wants us all to himself.

Again, I’m not dropping the mic yet, let me explain.


You know that God loves you right, like a lot? (If not you should, you’re an awesome person).

(If not you should, you’re an awesome person).

And you know that he loves you so much that he gave his only Son as a perfect sacrifice so that you can live with him in heaven one day right right, the Sunday School special?

What that in mind, my question to you is, if you know God loves you that much, why is it difficult for you to believe that he just wants to be your best friend?

So often we think, “God gave his son for me because he loves me, and that’s cool and all but, I don’t need to love him back all that much right?”.

It’s okay for him to just be an afterthought in my life, right?

After all, he’s like a magic fairy, when things are all good I can keep him tucked away in his nice little bottle and when things go bad I can just take him out and wish for everything to get better and he’ll do it because he loves me, right?

Most of America does that so that must be how Christianity works, right?

(But let me keep quite about that last one for now).

If you haven’t guessed yet, all of those things are total lies.

They are lies developed to shape the authoritative image of a loving God to the casual views of a laid back society.

(But again, let me keep quiet about that for now).

The reason why God allows you to suffer from time to time simply is that he just wants you all to himself.

The proof of that is written all over John 3:16.

Psalm 34:18 reads,

18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

The ultimate reason for our suffering is this, we come closer to God because, in the midst of our suffering, we drown out all the many distractions that blind us from him when everything is good and well in our lives so that only he can remain within us.

In our darkest moments, he shines the brightest within us.

Not dropping the mic just yet, almost there.


With this in mind, the way that understanding helps us solve all of our problems starts to become clear.

If we respond to God’s love for us and don’t allow the hardships he brings upon us to worry us because we know that he only allows it so that he may come closer to us and us to him, we can find comfort in our patience to endure even the most trying of circumstances because of the knowledge that he will deliver us when the time is right and that all the while, he will give us strength.

Therefore, because we have found comfort in the midst of our bad situations, our problems can’t be considered problems anymore.

It just that easy.

Or… at least… it almost is.

Here’s the problem, and this might be tough to hear so prepare yourselves.

If you honestly and sincerely don’t love God all that much or maybe your image of him is the same as most of America’s (again, not now), then while you might find these word to be comforting and soothing, at the end of the day, when problems start arising in your life again, you’ll just go right back to whining and complaining because the love of God just isn’t real enough for you.

If that is the case for you then that’s OKAY, all of us didn’t know God at one point in our lives.

Acknowledging this is the first step in the right direction.

Although in this case of explaining to you why you should take the second step and actively pursue a relationship with him, I could tell you how great a life following after God alone is and I could tell you how happy my life has been because I put God before everything else.

I could tell you these things, but at the end of the day, the choice to truly respond to the love God is yours alone.


Living a life in God is so worthwhile and I can’t say that enough.

But I mean let’s think about this, what else would you really want to live for?

Say a breakthrough in medicine happens 2 years from now and everybody could live for 1000s of years, what would live for then?

You could live for your job, but that would get boring in 1000 years, you could live for your family, but that would get boring in 1000 years, you could find a husband/wife and live for him/her, but that would get boring in 1000 years.

If you wouldn’t live for it forever, why make the most important reason for you to live today?

The thing about a relationship with God is that unlike the possessions and relationships we find in the world, the things in your life seem to always get better the longer you live you continue to live.

It’s all right there in Deuteronomy 30:3-13 (probably worth a google).

In living for God, your job gets better because you have motivation for working your best, your family gets better because you can love them with patience and understanding, your love life gets better because God will lead you to the person that will complete you and not just satisfy you.

Living in God makes you better, it makes me better, it makes everyone and everything so much BETTER.

So again, if you could live for God for 1000 years, and your life was constantly getting happier and more fulfilling throughout all that time, how happy do you think you would be 1000 years later?

You’d probably be pretty happy right?

I think you would, and I think you deserve it, so what are you waiting for?

The door is open, his arms are open wide, and he’s calling your name right now even as you’re reading this very message.

So go for it, after all, what do you have to lose?


Thus, my case is made, live for God and not only will find that your problems no longer bother you with that added bonus that in a life following after God, you are always happier than you were yesterday.

God loves you, he really does, so consider loving him back.

Thanks for Reading!


Oh yeah.

One more thing…

*mic drop*.











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