Whether You Know It or Not, You Are Changing The World

I admit it can be a little cliche to say that anyone can change the world.

Yet let’s think about this, what does it really mean to change the world?

Though we throw remarks like this around so often, we rarely stop to consider what they mean specifically or how they could apply to everyday life.

Most of the time when we think of changing the world, we instinctively believe if we’re not doing something on a monumental level such as having a successful talk-show or writing a best-selling book, then we’re not really changing anything at all.

Here’s why I disagree with that belief.

Success does not imply bringing change into the world just as changing the world does not imply success.

Just because someone has a lot of money, that does not automatically mean that he his changing the world (insert the name of a celebrity you don’t like here).

Similarly, just because someone isn’t what most of us would consider as being successful does not mean he isn’t making a profound difference in the world around him (Jesus was poor).

Therefore, changing the world isn’t defined by a person’s ability to get the things that most other people desire to have such as wealth, charisma, or achievement but rather, changing the world is defined by a person’s ability to change the way that other people think.

By changing our more idealistic image of changing the world to this more realistic one, we can properly come to recognize the people in our lives that change the world around them all the time and in doing so, we can be more aware to stay close the people in our lives who change our worlds in all the right ways.

Yet even more so, through this new definition, we can come to understand how we are changing the world us in our personal lives so that we can consciously strive to ensure that the change we make is for the better and not for the worse.

With this in mind, let’s discover how we are all changing the world.


First of all, the only possible way that each of us can effect the world around us (and therefore, be able to change it) is through the words we say and the things we do.

In other words, our actions.

It’s simple to think about, the only way we can change the way other people think and therefore change the world is by actively giving them something to think about.

If we don’t act, we can’t communicate, and therefore no change can occur, simple as that.

However, the issue of this fact is that our actions are not always the best or even good for that matter.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of and the tough reality of that is that our bad actions never affect just us.

If we don’t do our jobs the best we can, then our customers suffer from poor service.

If we’re too harsh on our kids for their misbehavior, then they’ll continue to misbehave in spite of us.

If we bottle up all of our problems and don’t speak to our friends and family honestly, then they find it harder and harder to give us the love and support that we need to live good lives.

Whenever we act poorly, we’re never the only ones who suffer, be it the people who rely on us or the people who love us, the pain is never taken alone.

when we act unethically, we make the world around us a worse place for everyone.

Therefore, only by controlling our actions can we best ensure that we are able to ensure that our actions are the best that they can possibly be and that therefore, through the things we do, the world is made a better place for everyone and not a worse one.

Yet in order to control our actions, we must first control the means by which our actions both manifest and persist, our words.

However, I am not talking about the words that we say with our mouths but rather the words we way with our minds, the words of our thoughts.


Our thoughts are in many ways, a reflection of our entire state of being and therefore if we can learn to control our thoughts, we can effectively take control of who we are.

Even the Bible places high significance in the subjugation of our own minds as Romans 12:2 reads,

2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Cleansing and purifying your mind won’t just improve your actions and therefore improve the world around you, it is also, as this verse explains, the only way of possibly knowing the will of God.

And yet, while those two things may sound appealing, the act of renewing your mind can in many ways appear to be a lifetime of work.

How can anyone know when he has read enough scripture to earn a renewed mind?

How can anyone know how many church attendances it takes to earn a renewed mind?

How can anyone know much community service is necessary to earn a renewed mind?

The answer is all the same, “no one can”.

Yet why is that true?

It is true because whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, there is something that guides each of and every one of our individual thoughts and in doing so, shapes who we are.

Our desires.


If our desires are not in a good place then our thoughts will never be in the right place and therefore, our actions will always be in the wrong place.

In this, the way to continuously make the world a better place around us is simple, if we desire the right thing, we will then think the right things which will cause us to do the right things and thus, through our actions, the world will be filled with righteousness.

Now only one question remains, “what is it that we desire?”.

And the answer to this one question might seem so simple.

Some of us might desire good and peaceful lives while others just want a life brimming with the happiness that comes from the love of family and close friends.

And while those things do sound nice, let me warn you, neither of those things should be what you desire the most.

When we put desires like that first and foremost in our lives, the reality is that God has to take a back seat.

And while I could tell you how heartbreaking it is that the God who gave the life of his only son just so he could be with us now has to take a “runner up” spot in our hearts, instead I’ll just tell what happens when we don’t put God first.

To make a long story short, we just miss out on something amazing.


Image for a moment your life were a cup and the water that fills your cup represents the happiness you feel in life.

You could fill that cup about 1/4 of the way full with a quite and peaceful life.

You just keep to yourself and don’t mess around in other people’s business, life is a bit boring sometimes but most importantly it is completely safe and secure because everything is always under your complete control.

You could fill that cup about 3/4 the way full with a life surrounded by friends and family.

You do your best for the people you love and they love you in return and though they might upset you sometimes because they’re not perfect, you still always love them.

While these two means of filling your cup may seem to be rewarding in their own unique ways, do you know what these two methods have in common?

They always leave you thirsty and unsatisfied.

In both cases, what we have, and what we hope to gain, will never be enough for us.

Whether it always wanting more money for financial security, wanting our family to be less themselves and more how we want them to be, wanting a better job than the one we have presently, wanting our friends to give us more of the attention we feel we deserve, the cycle of wanting and having never ends.

In trying to find perfect happiness in things than can never be perfect, we attempt to catch something that will always elude our grasp.

No matter how much we try to fill ourselves up with the things in life that sound good life like perfect friends, a happy family, or financial success, the simple case is that, even if by some miracle we did one day have them, they would never be enough for us because we would quickly grow bored of them and soon come to want something else.

While these things could never fill our thirst, the love of God most definitely can.

For just as the Bible says in John 4:14,

“but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”

In filling your cup with the water that comes from the love of God, you would come discover that your cup quite literally overflows with the water of happiness so much so that even without your intention, the people around you find the refreshment and satisfaction that they had been looking for all their lives.

The simple fact is that is you make a life by the will of God your sincere desire and put that above everything else, you will find your cup submerged in a bottomless ocean of love and compassion.

And while the case may be that the unending love of God may not be the thing that you want the most in life, I can assure you, that through the death and resurrection of Jesus on your behalf, it is the only thing that will allow you to find the happiness that you have always been searching for.


So to conclude, make the love of God your foremost desire because if the will of God is one desire then your thoughts will follow suit and therefore, through your actions of love and righteousness, you will change the world always for the better, and never for the worse.

This could look like praying more often, going to church more often, or even rethinking who you spend your time with.

Whatever you know you need to do, do it, because what comes later will always be worth it.

Be strong, and be faithful, for your final reward is greater still.


Thanks for Reading!

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