How To Be Excited About God For All The Right Reasons

Let me start off by saying, God… is… AWESOME!

(In case you didn’t know already).

But why?

I’m I know that you know that I know that God is amazing and so worth while to be lived for and sought after but why?

Why is God so awesome and amazing to us that we can’t help but jump and shout in praise of his name?

Yes, we are all excited about God, but what about God should we be excited about?

The answer may surprise you.


We should be excited about God because God allows us to deny ourselves.

Not exactly a woo hoo feeling right?

Let me explain.

We are all human.

And sometimes, that can be a lot of fun.

Being human means we’re free to explore and discover all of the worlds hidden treasures and opportunities with the hope that we will one day have a possession that is so amazing that it will give us never ending happiness for the rest of our lives.

That could be finding the perfect job that fits all your interests as a person or maybe developing good relationships with friends and family.

As humans, we often look around us and see that just as everyone seems to have found such wondrous fulfillment in the treasures of human life, surely we as Christians should be able to do the same.

God would love us either way so whats the harm?

So what if I value my Job just as much as a value God?

So what if I love my family a little bit more than I love God?

What’s the difference?

I can love God roughly just as much as I love everything else of significance in my life so that God can be happy and I can live my life comfortably.

Yet consider Mark 10:29-30

29Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or farms, for My sake and for the gospel’s sake, 30but that he will receive a hundred times as much now in the present age, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and farms, along with persecutions; and in the age to come, eternal life.

Jesus isn’t, of course, asking us to physically leave behind the treasures in our lives, rather, he is asking us to leave them behind spiritually.

We shouldn’t place our jobs on the same level of importance as God so that if we lose them, we can only feel that our faith in him is weakened.

We shouldn’t place our friends and families on the same level of importance as God so that if they should become sick or pass away, we can not help but find ourselves questioning his very existence.

We shouldn’t place our possessions and property on the same level of importance as God so that if they are damaged or destroyed, we can only feel as though he has forsaken us.

We shouldn’t place our own health and well-being on the same level of importance as God so that if we find our health to be drastically failing, we can only grow frustrated with God for not answering our prayer.

And I know all of these things sound hard but those are unquestionably the words of Jesus Christ our lord and savior himself.

I know it sounds painful but people, that’s what Christianity is all about.

It’s not easy, it’s not supposed to be.

When God asks us to die unto the world and depart from the wicked ways of man, he isn’t asking us to follow a few rules then do what we want to do, he’s asking us to fundamentally change our core desires and priorities of life.

Taking up your cross?

Denying yourself?

How could any of those things ever be simple to do?


No no no, it’s a struggle to walk this road and it’s tough to live this life.

But it is more than worth it because just as God tells us to deny ourselves, he also promises us that when we deny those things and focus on him only, he will give us back the things we gave up a hundred times over.

You will be able to enjoy your job a hundred times more, you will be able to love your family a hundred time more, you will be able to value your possessions a hundred times more, all because you decided to give them up for the fulfillment of God.


It’s only when you surrender yourself to God completely that he can restore you to a higher place.

And that’s what we should be excited about.

So make God your first and only priority today, and let the restoration begin.






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