We Meet Again

Well, it’s been the been the better end of a year since I’ve posted anything and that deserves a bit of an explanation. You’ve heard of writer’s block right? You may think of it as a situation in which a writer is incapable of writing anything due to a variety of circumstances such as a lack of ideas or personal problems. Well, to make a long story short, I have the complete opposite of that. No, you didn’t just misread that. Over the past several months I’ve had more ideas and creative insights than I’ve ever had before. Now if you were thinking somewhere along the lines of “shouldn’t more thoughts and ideas naturally lead to more blogging not less?”, yes, you would be entirely correct. I know that because, for the better of the past several months, I felt the exact same way. It was hard for me. I realized that to me, blogging was more than just putting words on a website for people to read, blogging to me was the first opportunity I’ve ever had in my life to truly share my message with the world. With every new post came the ability to delve into the deepest fathoms of my mind and share openly and freely anything that I felt had meaning or significance. Blogging gave me the voice that I needed to be able to say I what I felt needed to be said. I like to believe that some people out there have truly benefited from reading some the things that I have to say yet even still, for better or for worse, I genuinely believe that I am a better person when I express my ideas openly rather than keep them bottled up inside. If anything else blogging is my therapy for mental and spiritual wellness. With all of these feelings in mind, I was really excited to continue blogging roughly one year ago. Yet everything changed one day when I began to think about one simple question, “what does it mean to be human?”. At first, I thought the answer was simply “the ability to have emotions” yet after giving it some careful thought and consideration I realized that this definition couldn’t work as I soon found myself asking “how does one have emotions?”. I gave it a little more thought and managed to refine the question to “where does emotion come from?” and, in doing so, effectively opened my own pandora’s box. The more I tried to answer this question the more I realized that I was only creating more questions than answers like “why do animals have emotions?”, “why does God have emotions?”, and “can we really control our emotions?”. At some point, I realized that since our emotions are an inescapable aspect of life the questions that I had surrounding it concerning its origin and purpose were significant and deserving of reasonable answers. I realized that I needed to take some time off away from writing and give these questions the attention that they deserved. And after taking that time to think about these things inside and out I believe I’m finally ready to speak my mind. Over the course of this coming month, I’m going to share my thoughts, arguments, and insights on some of the most important questions we can ask about ourselves including “what does it mean to be human?”, “where do our emotions come from?”, and “How exactly is it that we all made in God’s image?”. I will put forth and attempt to answer these questions not only to improve the way we are able to live and enjoy the blessing of life and humanity but also to provide a glimpse of the peace and satisfaction that can come from curiosity and self-awareness. I believe that some of the greatest things we can ever come to possess in life can come from the simply asking the question “How can I be a better me than I was yesterday?” and I hope that by the end of this month you will feel the same way.

This is 30 Days of Growth 2018: Day 0

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