The Importance of Humility

For most people, humility is just vital for living a good Christian life as it is undesirable for living life in general.

Humility is often associated with weakness, frailty,  and powerlessness and while most anyone would agree that it is completely necessary for living the life that God compels us to live, quite few would ever be inclined to actually put into practice.

We live in a world where the humble and meek are seemingly trampled on by their more proud and condescending counterparts from fields as far-reaching as positions in companies and businesses to areas as close as intimate relationships.

However, contrary to how some might deny the importance of humility in relation to their own lives, humility can in many ways be seen as a considerable strength rather than a substantial weakness because within any given act of humility lies the strengthening of our relationships.


It is easy to live life by caring for ourselves and providing only for our own needs yet when it comes to living life while caring not only for our own needs but the needs of others, as any parent would agree, life becomes more difficult.

In caring for the needs of others, rather than do what we feel naturally inclined to do, we must take a pause at every given circumstance to consider what the best course of actions is not only for ourselves but for the one we care about.

We must be selfless at moments when selfishness seems desirable, we must listen and use wisdom when we would rather lean on own opinion, and we must at times even be yielding and submissive for the sake of peace rather than act through our own personal interests.

Even though we may find these things difficult to do, we do for the sake of those that we care about be they our children, our friends, or even our significant others.

Yet through the practice of humility, we are able to be selfless, wise, and submissive not only for the moments in which they are necessary for the survival of our relationships but also in the moments in which they can allow our relationships to thrive.


When we are humble, our selflessness ensures that our friends know that they can depend on us for comfort and support in their moments of weakness.

When we are humble, our willingness to listen ensures that our children never need to keep secrets from us because they know that whatever it is they have to say, we will hear them and make and an effort to understand them.

When we are humble, our willingness to submit means that our spouse will never have a moment of doubt or disbelief of our affections towards them.


In humility, we come closer to God because do not put ourselves before him, we do not think we know better than him, and we are willing to submit and be obedient to him.



The importance of humility is just as profound as it is simplistic.

When we are humble, we become individuals with the will and capability to resist the pride, foolishness, and self-righteousness that threatens to destroy every relationship we have and in their place develop the fruits of patience, self-control, and love.

When we find humility to be an important part of our lives, our relationships thrive.


“The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.”

Proverbs 22:4


This is 30 Days of Growth: Day 21

Thanks for Reading!


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