A Story of Absolution

See Part 1 and Part 2



There off in the distance beyond the howling winds and strikes of thunder, they saw it, the ray of hope that came from the eye of the storm.

The deeper and deeper they ventured, the more perilous their conditions grew.

Yet when it finally seemed as though they were finally within a stone’s throw from their sanctuary amidst the violent storm, a single wave the size of a mountain soon manifested itself before them.

With only a moments notice, Isaiah acted swiftly by turning the boat in the opposite direction and hosting the sails.

As the wave approached them, the boat shot up as it surfed the rising wave as within only moments the boat had rised almost a dozen stories about the ocean’s surface.

Isaiah struggled as he guided the boat towards the top of the wave with the aim to escape its barrel before it began to crash.

The boat lunged and slanted at a sharp angle into the wave so that almost half of the length of the mast became submerged in its rushing waters

However just as he had nearly made to the top of the wave, the hair on his arms once again begin to rise indicating that a lighting strike was coming.

This hadn’t been an issue before as the lightning rod had protected them well so far yet he couldn’t help but feel that this strike would be different from all the others.

Just as he began to realize that the mast might not be able to protect them while being mostly underwater, all of a sudden, Jubilee pished him down jumped on top of him.

Though he was confused, his state of bewilderment would be short-lived as in that instant a bolt of lightning descended from the sky as struck her in the back where it would have stuck him the head.


“NO” he yells in surprise and horror as he caught her limp body.

All at once, in the hysteria of his wife’s sacrifice, he unknowingly let go of the wheel guiding the ship and it was almost immediately consumed by the rushing tide of the wave.

Holding tight to the lifeless body of his wife, Isaiah struggled to escape the tumbling waters around him to no avail and soon found himself drifting into unconsciousness.


“Father,” a young Isaiah asked “why must I make this journey in the first place? Why can’t I just stay with you and mother”.

“Because this place will not always be your home boy,” his father grumbled, “My father and his father before him have always made this trek and so will you, it is your birthright”.

“But what if I don’t want this burden father?” Isaiah said pleadingly.

“This is not up for discussion boy,” his Father said impatiently, “gather yourself and get back to work”.

“But Father I-” “NOW” his father interjected.

Tears began to well up in his eyes and Isaiah struggled to keep himself from crying.

“Isaiah!” his mother said as she came running to him “you’re tearing up. What’s wrong!?”.

“Nothing,” he said sobbingly.

“Oh sweety, if there’s anything wrong you can tell me,” she said tenderly as she gently took him into her arms.

He tried to form words yet nothing legible would come from his mouth.

In the end, he only found himself weeping into his mother’s shoulder.


Isaiah grumbled as he slowly began to awake.

Though his eyes were not completely opened, he felt his body resting on sand as well as a small tide of water reaching up to the tips his ankles before receding to a beach below.

As he opened his eyes, he was taken aback by the bright rays of light penetrated the dark clouds above him.

As he struggled to sit up, he heard a familiar voice.

“Are you alright?” it inquired.

He turned to the voice to see who it was.

It was Jubilee.


“Jubilee! You’re alive!” he said as he moved in her direction.

Yet as he moved closer, he noticed something strange about her.

She was completely unharmed, not even a single scratch upon her body.

“I hid from you when I first laid eyes on you,” she said solemnly.

“Jubilee, what do you mean?” Isaiah asked.

“I was afraid of what you might think of me if you ever knew what I truly was” she told him.

Taking a deep sigh she continued “I am not human. I am a daughter of the ocean. I was created to lure men away from their travels and lead them away to die”.

“What…” Isaiah said as he felt his heart beginning to sink.

Tears began to well up in her eyes as she spoke “but that isn’t what I want for you. I truly do love you with all my heart” she said as her voice began to tremble.

“At first I thought little of you,” she said with a faint smile, “I thought you were just another child aimlessly sailing for a simple treasure that you convinced yourself would be the only thing you needed to be happy”.

“That’s how my kind hunt,” she said sniffling “we make the men we prey on feel as though we are the only thing that they need in their lives to be content”.

“We convince them that the small things that they search for like wealth, status, or property all pail in comparison to the love that we have to offer them,” she said gravely “then when they’ve completely abandoned their journies completely and convince themselves that we are everything they need to live happily, we kill and eat them”.

Isaiah reeled back, “Jubilee, I…” “but as I’ve come to know for so long,” Jubilee interjected, “I’ve come to realize that you will never love me as much as you love the place you dream of”.

“The joy in your heart that ignites whenever you describe it to me or talk about it with me,” Jubilee said joyfully “it has captivated me”.

“The love you have shown me, the peace you have in your heart, the purity of your mind. All of you has shown me that the prize you seek is greater than anything I have ever imagined” she said blissfully while closing her eyes.

“I know it may seem difficult to believe but over the course of all these years, I truly have fallen in love with you because, more than anything else, I have fallen in love with what you stand for,” She said beginning to break down into tears.

“I understand if you hate me or see me an enemy,” she said swiftly “but If you must I only ask that I at least help you get out off her-” Isaiah interrupts by pulling her close to him.

“For all the time I have known you,” Isaiah said in a warm whisper “you have done nothing but love and support me. Whatever you are or whatever you were before, it doesn’t matter to me. If you would be willing to love me, then the least I can do is love you in return”.

They held each other lovingly yet soon noticed the storm was slowly beginning to close in on them once more.


“Get on the ship,” Jubilee said wiping the tears from her eyes “it’s time for us to get out of here”.

“But how?” Isaiah asked while motioning towards it “there’s no way it can get us clear of these waves”.

“The bolt of lightning that struck me earlier refreshed the memory of my capabilities,” she said almost playfully.

“Oh,” he said remembering the incident I didn’t mean for you to put yourself at risk to save me like that. I’m sorry”.

“Don’t worry about it,” she responded with a smile “I’m just glad you’re alright”.

Climbing aboard the ship Isaiah jokingly asked “ok, we’re here now what?”.

“Hold on to something” Jubilee replied while doing stretches.

“What are you going to push us out of here” Isaiah confusingly asked.

“Something like that,” Jubilee responded, “do you trust me?” she asked looking him in the eyes.

“I do,” he said with a smile.

“Good,” she said.

She then began to raise her right arm, and as she did so, the water beneath the ship began to slowly sway side to side.

“What’s going on?” Isaiah asked confusingly.

Suddenly, the water to form into a large wave and hoisted the ship up high into the air.

Jubilee then began to raise her left arm, and as she began to lower it, the storm in front of them parted as though two black doors were opening to reveal a strip of light in between.

“Isaiah,” she said turning to him and looking into his eyes.

“Yes Jubilee?” he replied.

“I love you,” she said as the ship was suddenly flung in the direction of the light at flying speeds.

Isaiah struggled to keep his eyes open as the speed of the ship even as it passed clear through the range of the storm made sight difficult.

Yet one thing he couldn’t help but notice was that as he caught a glimpse of his wife Jubilee, on her back appears to be a pair of glowing white wings.



“Son, why are you crying?” Isaiah’s mother asked him pleadingly, “I can’t help you if you don’t speak”.

“I don’t want to go out into the ocean alone!” a young Isaiah cried “I’m scared!”.

“Oh, sweety,” his mother said, “I know it seems frightening right now but you won’t have to go until you’re much older and your father and I will make sure you prepared when the time comes”.

“But why can’t I stay here with you?” he asked desperately “I could help you around the house and even help father with his work”.

“I’m certain you could do all of those things sweety but that life is no good for you,” his mother said affectionately.

“But why mother,” Isaiah wept “why do I have to go?”.

His mother sighed as she held him close to her.

“Beyond these shores that our home is built on there is a promise land” she began.

“A place where there is more food than you will ever need, more clean water than you could ever drink, and more riches than you could ever know what to do with” she continued.

“It’s a place where all of your dreams will come true and all of your greatest fears will never be able to reach you,” she said looking at his face “it’s a place that you can call your home”.

“I don’t need any those things to be happy,” Isaiah claimed, “I just need you and Father to be with me”.

She smiled and hugged him tighter “you are such a good son!”.

He blushed in mild embarrassment “then why can’t I stay here?” he asked.

“Well, aside from all the wealth and wonders that this place has to offer, there is really just one reason why you have to make this journey,” she said calmly.

“What is it?” he asked her.

“The reason why the land we are sending you too is so prosperous is that there is a king there has made it so,” she said.

“A king?” he asked “what kind of king?”.

“A king that heals the sick and feeble and king that makes poor rich and prosperous,” she said in a sense of awe and wonder “he is a king that has been said to work miracles over everything that he surveys”.

“Wow,” he said in surprise “so you want me to meet this king?”.

“I want you to serve him,” she responded.

“Serve him? he repeated, “why would I do that?”.

“Because those who serve under him are said to become like him” she replied, “and those said to be like him themselves live as kings and queens”.

“More than anything else, your father and I want that life for you” she continued “from the moment you were born, we’ve always wanted you to live as royalty”.

“Do you really think I can do that?” he asked in wonder and disbelief, “do you think that I can live as a king”.

“I know so sweetheart, but first you have to reach the one who can show you the way,” she said lovingly.

“Ok, I’ll do it”.


As the boat begins to descend and slow down, Jubilee tells Isaiah to open his eyes.

He opens his eyes to see a beach with sand as white as snow and with trees and grass greener than he had ever seen and the distinct silhouette of a great castle far off in the distance.

At that moment he knew he had reached it, the place of the king.


“Jubilee, you did it! We’re finally here!” he said grabbing her and lifting her up.

“I only looked for the signs you told me about so many times long ago, the credit is yours also,” she said with a smile.

He got off the ship and motioned for her to come down yet she hesitated, “I- I shouldn’t your king would probably want nothing to do with a monster like me” she said sadly.

“Nonsense!” he interjects, “once he hears of everything you’ve done to bring us this far, he’ll welcome you gladly!”.

“No no, there’s little chance a man as good as him would accept a creature like me. Perhaps this is where we should part wa-” he interrupts her by pulling her off the boat and catching her in his arms.

He brings his face close to his, looks into her eyes and says to her “let’s go to our new home together”.

She blushes and says she agrees but only on the condition that he calls her by her true real name from now on.

“what’s your name?” he asks her lovingly.


“Prosperity” she replies.


This is 30 Days of Growth: Day 24

Isaiah and Prosperity would have many more adventures together both in the palace of the King and beyond, but that’s a tale for a different time.

Thanks for Reading my story!




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