Matthew 16:24-25


A man who is honest with himself with himself about his weaknesses and shortcomings is a man who will inevitably move beyond them.

In the genuine pursuit of the image of Jesus Christ, a man can find greater prosperity in his character, relationships, and possessions through the simple realization that he himself can not truly gain these things through his own capability.

When a man is so willing to overcome the obstacles that mean to hold him back in life that he humbles himself for the sake of redemption, a man gains willing to pursue the salvation from sin and death that Christ alone gives freely.

By first admitting that we can not truly live with the truth and righteousness that comes from God alone, we discover a life greater than we could ever have hoped to obtain through our willingness to let go of the lives we believe we ought to live now.

In a life in pursuit of God, we live the good lives we were created to live.


That’s what Matthew 16:24-25 means to me.

This is 30 Days of Growth: Day 25

Live, Learn, and Love

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