Buildings Friendships That Last (Part 2: Our Best Friends)

In life, we are constantly in the state of becoming our future selves.

At this very moment, our likes and dislikes, our dreams and fears, and our motivations and anxieties all play a large part in not only the present condition of our daily lives through the influence of our current rationality and decision making but also in how the good or bad the prospect of our happiness in the future is shaping up to be.

The people we are now is influencing the people we will be in the future.

The aspects of life we find attractive and pleasant or dull and undesirable are indicators that can allow us to visualize not only ourselves for the benefit of self-awareness but also for the benefit of revealing the true value of the things we place so much importance on in life and through that truth gain the certainty that those things are worth all the sacrifices we will make to keep and protect them.

If we pay attention to who we are and to the things we care about, we will be better able to live with assurance.

Even though this type of insight might seem like too much of a daunting task to complete in the rush of our lives, there is a single part of our lives where both who we are and the things we like or dislike about the world around all come together, our relationships.

Our relationships can show us what aspects of life we favor above all others, they can also give us a glimpse at the people we are in the state of becoming


A Glimpse Into The Future

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

Proverbs 13:20

Ask yourself this question, “what character trait do I like the most about my best friend?”.

Take a moment and visualize some of the best conversations and experiences you’ve had with this person and try to sum up in a few words how the person you’re thinking of made that moment truly special and memorable.

See those words, grab hold of them, write them down if you have too.

Now stop and consider this, what you just said about that person is the most noticeable quality of the person you are becoming.

Visualize how different you would be from how you are right now and ask yourself would you consider that change to be an improvement or a diminishment to how you currently are.

As the Bible tells us, that vision may be more real that we may like to believe it is.

Who we prefer to spend our time with reflects the quality of the people we are right now because the things that we find unique or desirable about those people are determined by our values and principles.

When our values and principles are set on higher things such as the love of God, pursuit of wisdom, or the advancement of righteousness, we can not help but see and value those things in the people around us.

However, when we set our values on the materials things of this world like short-term intimate relationships, effortless monetary gain, or the benefit of ourselves before the well-being of others, we will naturally aim to seek out and befriend the types of people who demonstrate those qualities whether we care to admit it or not.

What we look for in people is what we ourselves are trying to be.

Therefore, our responsibility as believers in Christ to live out the principles and qualities presented in the word of God, make an effort to love and surround ourselves with people who strive to do the same, and keep the people who would rather live life their own way at arm’s length.

With the passing of each day of our lives, we are either closer or farther from the people God has called us to be.

Good friendships can serve as a vehicle to not only takes us to the place of strength and integrity that God has laid out before us in each of our lives but also to the place of joy and satisfaction that each of us truly deserves.


The Best Kind of Friends Help You Grow

Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.

Proverbs 27:5-6

Some of the greatest friends that we may ever come to find in our lives may not always be the people we like the most.

To look past the outward appearance of man and see only the quality of his heart and the condition of his character can seem almost impossible at many moments in our lives.

Yet one of the best methods of understanding the will and intent of any person comes down to paying attention to the advice that they give you when you go to them for comfort.

While a typical friend will do what they can to help you feel better, a truly valuable will try to help you improve.

While a common friend would simply try to cheer you up, an irreplaceable friend would remind you of how smart, strong, and capable you really are and would do their best to compel you to face whatever trial or tribulation that’s blocking your path head on because they know that in your faith and commitment to God, you are unbreakable.

A good friend comforts you but a great friend brings out the best in you.

And as difficult as it may be to believe, more often than not we have these types of people all around us in our everyday lives.

The truth is that, in just trying to live an enjoyable life, we often walk right past these types of people to get to the people that we know we can just have fun with.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the lives we are blessed with yet a problem arises when enjoyment becomes the sole focus of choosing the people that we spend a majority of our time with because if we make our lives all about having fun and just doing what feels right, we never grow up.

We never mature and grow into the men and women of God that we are called to be and instead, we just become complacent and eventually lose sight of who we really are.

We are to be as children in the kingdom God but that means being adults here and now.


As much as we love God and as much as he loves us, if we don’t put the work in and chase after him through devotion and commitment, like any other relationship, it will become weak and eventually fade away.

In light of God’s unimaginable love for us and in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ we ought to commit every relationship we ever have to his glory and to his honor.

There is so much to gain from a person who is willing to study with you, pray with you, and even laugh with you, as followers of Christ, let’s be that person to others and value the people that are that person to us.

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24


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