True Justice (Part 1 of 3: Truth)

What is Justice?

Though most of us might associate this term with police activity or proceedings in a courtroom, justice in its most rudimentary and conceptual form as actually something quite different.

Justice can be described as any behavior that could be considered impartial or objective.

It can be described as such a state of perfect neutrality within the scope of any conflict or disagreement such that the realization of honesty, morality, and righteousness prevails above all others.

To put it simply, justice means to be fair.

Although this conclusion may seem obvious and intuitive to our experiences as human beings in our world, a striking reality of life is that we as species or even as select societies will rarely ever completely agree on what it exactly means to be ‘fair’.

Each of our individual interpretations of fairness is can be viewed as the culmination of every law, opinion, and persuasion that we have ever experienced in our lives that ultimately exemplifies the way we simply feel the world around us ought to be.

Fairness means something different to each of us if not on concrete issues such as the sentencing of criminals and murders then on abstract issues such as the sacrifice of a blameless and innocent man on a rugged cross for the retribution of all mankind just for certain individuals to be able to claim he never existed.

Our understanding of fairness and justice is a vantage point by which peer into the depths of our hearts and see the manifestation of not only the prominent and influential beliefs and opinions that guide us through the course of our lives but also the truthful and sometimes painful understanding of how just or unjust we actually are.

Justice is founded on truth.

Justice is punishing towards evil.

Yet more than anything, justice is not always the best answer.


The Truth is unchanging

16 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Wherever there is a pursuit for that which is truly just and righteous, there is a pursuit for the word of God.

Within the pages of God’s word lies the gateway to the destruction of all sin, the resolution of all strife, and the end of all suffering.

Within the text of the Bible lies the only statutes and principles of life that have the capacity to endure through the ages of mankind generation after generation and compel all those who would strive to learn its lessons to be steadfast and unshakeable in ways one can only dream of.

Within the person of Jesus Christ, the presence of God the father, and the manifestation of the holy spirit, there is a peace that cannot be matched and a strength of will that can not be equaled.

In all ways that we seek to bring humanity into a golden age of morality, reason, and understanding, the Bible alone possesses the answers to the questions that will lead us there.

The truth that scripture yields is the knowledge by which we as individuals may see our own ambitions and desires for the evil that lies within them and cut them out of our hearts and minds such that only love and righteousness will remain.

To accept the truth that serves as the foundation for the greatest form of justice we can possibly have is to allow our minds to be molded by the positive influences of wisdom, love, self-control, and patience.

To accept that truth means to question every single thought and desire that enters our minds and put them to the test of righteousness and accordance with the well-being of all mankind both now and forever.

Yet above all others, to accept that truth means to instill the values and principles of the word of God so thoroughly and so completely that we can not help but see the world the lense of holiness and live our lives through the acquiescence of virtue and humility.

Only when we can adequately refuse to make the mistake of reading or hearts onto scripture and instead allow even our most vital and intimate wishes and desires of life  to be tested, broken, and remade can we be certain that the whole of God’s word has taken ahold of our lives such that our every need will always be met and the prize of everlasting joy be made ours forever.

The quality of fairness that matters the most comes from the people we become when we live out God’s word.

To this end, the truth of justice is steadfast and unchanging


Thanks For Reading!

Look for Part 2: Retribution Tomorrow evening!

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