The Journey of Becoming

Our Choices reveal our Desires

Our Desires reveal Who We are Becoming.

Who We Are Becoming reveals our Destiny

To change our Choices, we must first change our Desires.

To change our Desires, we must first decide Who We Want to Become.

To decide Who We Want to Become, we must choose our Destiny

Think of destiny in general as the impact or change we will have brought about on this earth when our time here is finished. 

The person whom we want to become is the version of ourselves that we believe has the best chance of bringing about that change. It is the version of ourselves that is prepared to do the work necessary to bring about change that we believe the world needs. 

To choose your destiny is to take a good look at the world and decide how you want it to change. 

To decide the person you want to become is to first decide how you would go about changing the world in the way that you want it to change then taking a good look at yourself and deciding what do you need to be able to do or how you would need to change from how you are now before you would be able to change the world.

To change your desires is, in a way, to pursue a state of total self-honesty. It is to reflect on the importance of the change you wish to bring to the world and the person that you have to become to create that change and weighing those the importance of these things with the sacrifices, hardships, and difficulties that would entail as a result of pursuing that goal. It is to ask yourself, “Is this change that I want to bring about so important that it worth everything, even my own life?”. This must be the case as if we are half-hearted or unsure of the necessity or motivations we have for bringing about this change to the world, when difficulties arise or when the trails that test our resolve come to be, we collapse and give up our goals for the sake of temporary peace, comfort, and relief thereby effectively destroying the destiny we’ve decided to pursue.

If our hearts our unresolved, when these trials come for us, we won’t have the perseverance to endure them. 

To change our desires is to will one thing above all others and to pursue that thing to the very end, with everything that we have, and without hesitation. It’s to sit down and decide who we want to be and what we want to do and to do so with conviction and determination. It is to inspect all other desires and habits we have in our lives and to ask of every one of them “does my love, or passion, or need for this thing align with the destiny I have set out for myself?” with the willingness to, if we decide that those things do not align with the destiny we’ve set for ourselves, let go of them completely and never look back.

To change your choices is the principle thing. To do this is to think before speak, to hesitate before you act. It is when in the process of making one of the many choices you will inevitably make throughout your life, no matter how important or seemingly insignificant the choice at hand may be, to choose the option that you believe the person you want to become would make, to choose the option that will help you achieve your destiny. It is as simple as thinking to yourself before you make any decision, ‘does this choice I’m making right now reflect the person I want to be in the future?’ or ‘in choosing to do this, or believe this, or say this, am I taking one step forward or one step backward from the becoming my ideal self, my best self?’. Although some decisions may seem trivial, thinking about the motivations we have for making certain decisions or the long term effects that might ensue if we were to choose the same option every time we were to make this decision can reveal new dynamics of our decisions that could shed light on their value to us personally. “If I were to eat this way regularly for the next 20 years of my life, would I be pleased with my health and my physical well-being?”. “Why do I find work or school so unengaging so much of the time? Am I doing something or working towards something that I would take joy in doing?”. “Do I want to be the kind of person who has to be asked to do certain things such as make time for my family or give to the poor or do I want to be a person who does these things of his own accord and without having to be prompted. 

Nearly every decision we ever make in our lives is guided by some underlying ideal we have a good and desirable life and when making our decisions according to those ideals, we take one step further towards making that ideal a reality, no matter how good or bad we may find it to be if and when we ever actually obtain it.

I’m telling you all of this today because I’ve made a decision. My destiny will be described as a man who did everything he could to love and care for his fellow man, as Christ had done for him. It will be a person who loved others so freely and so generously that his heart was broken at the thought of others around him suffering yet lept for joy at the sight of those around him being well and doing well. It will be the story of a man whose life was marked by love, understanding, perseverance, and sacrifice. Yet most of all it will be the story of a man who loved God so much that he gave up everything to pursue a deeper relationship with him yet, at some point along that journey, he looked around and saw the faces of the family and close friends that he had come to meet and grow closer to along the way and realize all at once that at some point and time, he had been given back no less 10 times over everything that he had given up so long ago. It will be the story of a man who was happy, happier than he had ever believed possible not only with himself, not only with his relationship with God and the people that he cares for and loves, but also with the work he had done towards making the world a better place. I’ve decided that this will be my destiny. And I love that destiny. So I’m going to work towards it. I’m going to become that man who can do the work that needs to be done. I’m going to relinquish the desires I have that get in the way of that destiny and hold on to the ones that aid it. But most importantly, in every decision I make, no matter what it is, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, I’m going to do my best to make those choices that reflect my convictions. I will stumble, I will fall, and, though I wish it weren’t the case, I will choose to sin at sometimes and, in doing so, take steps away from becoming the person I want to be. I’m only human and as a result of that, sin will always be a part of my life. Yet despite those dark moments, I will always choose to get back up, to try a different approach, to rely on God and the victory over sin afforded to me through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to repent my wrongdoings, not just to God but also to the people whom I may have harmed as a result of my sin, and start over, with a clean slate, a sound mind, and determination to make a better decision next time. I’ve decided to do these things because, after considering the many other options I have to strive for throughout my life, a life with God at its center is the one thing that I’ve decided can truly make me happy. I hope that’s the case for you too.  

Be well and do well.

Personal Words: I’m sorry I was more consistent with this blog. I originally started it with the belief that if I ever reached a dark moment in my life where I forgot who I was or began to stumble in my faith or walk with God that I could come back here, read the things I’ve said and remember who I was and possibly start to find my way back. I’ve realized though that discovering wisdom is much like a safari expedition in that you don’t get to decide when God puts it on your heart to share something, he just does and you just have to go with it. So I can’t promise when I will or won’t write here, it will all come down to if I have something that I consider truly important to say. I’m better when I speak from my heart, not out of obligation. That being said, its often the case that I start one of these articles with a rough idea of something and the idea or concept I have gets better and more refined over the course of my developing it by writing. All this is to say is that, I don’t know when I”ll write again but, when I do, it will be something that I have a passion for. I hope that’s alright with you.

If you’ve been following for a while, thank you. That even 1 person find the words I spoken to be worth listening too on a semi-regular basis means the world to me. I hope I’ve helped you as you have helped me.

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