The Trials of Arthur Tellman: Prologue

Once, near the town of Torre, there lived a small family called the Tellman’s in a small rural home.

Among them Arthur Tellman somewhat small skinny child, with brown hair, and blue eyes, and his mother and father George and Maria.

Since he was a boy, Arthur always followed the motto that his mother always told him time and time again, “If you’re a good person, eventually good things will happen to you”

She was mindful to teach her son this simple lesson because although there were many things she wanted in life, there was nothing she wanted more than for her son to simply be a good person.

And for some time, her wish was granted. 

Living by this motto, Arthur grew to be a kind and courteous young man who took every opportunity to love and do good for others believing that in time, his reward would come.

Unfortunately, Arthur came to believe that the ‘good things’ with which he would be rewarded was money and nothing but money.

Not just that, since he had done more good than anyone else in town, it would only make sense that he would someday be given a fortune and be the richest person in town.

Thus Arthur lived eager and willing to help wherever he was needed and strove to be the most virtuous and good-mannered person in town all the while believing that his efforts would make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. 

Yet as time went on, Arthur eventually began to grow weary of his constant good doings and slowly grew more and more impatient for the reward he felt he was owed.

“Why is it taking so long?” he would ask himself. “Have I not done enough?’

Years passed and Aurthur, once a boy and now a young man at long last realized that his reward, which he believed in and worked toward for so long, was never coming.

“Everything I’ve done, all that time I spent on others, it was all for nothing, wasn’t it?” he lamented.

Arthur then decided that he would do whatever he needed to do get the reward that he was promised. After all, he had rightfully earned it.

He searched and searched for means by which he could make money quickly until one day he heard of a nearby city called Rondanne.

Many people who’ve journeyed to RonDanne quickly gained wealth and success beyond their wildest dreams. He even heard of a man who earned enough money to never have to work another day in his life after living there for just one month.

Hearing many such stories, Aurthur eventually decided to move to RonDanne and finally collect the reward he was due for a lifetime of good deeds.

And so, with the blessing of his mother and father and the farewells of his friends and neighbors, Arthur left his home of Torre and set out for Rondanne, the land of wealth and opportunity.

This is the story of Arthur’s quest for wealth and glory and his travels to the land of RonDanne and beyond. 

This is a story of honesty and deceit, of vice and virtue, and of love and greed.

Yet more than anything else this is a story of caution.

Caution of ambition left unregulated by the will and of actions left unguided by the heart.

Certainly, if Arthur had known what would be in store for him in his new life in RonDanne or what would come thereafter, he surely would have turned back.

And so begin the trials of Aurthur Tellman.

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