A Story of Absolution

See Part 1 and Part 2     There off in the distance beyond the howling winds and strikes of thunder, they saw it, the ray of hope that came from the eye of the storm. The deeper and deeper they ventured, the more perilous their conditions grew. Yet when it finally seemed as though […]

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A Story of Foresight

part 1   The light quickly receded until they could see what was directly in front of them. The winds became harsh and sporadic. Huge gusts of rain came from every direction. The sound of lighting and thunder that had once been so far away was now striking closer and closer until it was soon only […]

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A Story of Complacency​

Life is a sea of responsibilities. Upon the daunting waters of duty and obligation, a man sails aboard an iron ship of maturity built by the strict guidance of his father’s discipline and maintained with the loving devotion of his mother’s wisdom.   He endures through the storms of adversity and torment. He persists through […]

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