This is a difficult subject to write about for me. It’s difficult because, while some simple research and thinking can allow me to at least begin to answer a lot of the questions I have about in life, righteousness is just in a league of its own. I’m not completely righteous and I don’t think […]

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The Danger of Sin

I’m sure we all know how this works. The penalty for sin is a one way trip to hell yet, through a life lived in the image of Christ, an eternity in paradise could just as easily be our final destination. Yet in light of this understanding, I pose a serious question. In a world […]

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How to (Really) be Wise

Wisdom is a good thing to have. If there’s anything that any two people can agree on, it would have to be on that. Yet it appears that anywhere you look, everyone has their own opinion of what it means to be wise. From scholars publishing academic journals in prestigious universities to average joes posting […]

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How (Not) to be Foolish

Nobody wants to be foolish, yet it is an escapable fact of life that we will all be foolish at some point or another. Foolishness is a danger not only to the individuals who manipulated by it but also to their friends and families and ultimately serves to make any aspect of a person’s life […]

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